90 S Commercials Vol 138

90's Commercials Vol. 138

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Name:90's Commercials Vol. 138
Date:15 July 2015
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These commercials aired on ABC on June 13th, 1992

1. "Genesis: Opening Night" Commercial Bumper (Brought to you by Jeep/Eagle and Budweiser. By the end of this volume you WILL want to drive a Jeep and drink Budweiser...hopefully not at the same time)
2. Eagle Talon TSi
3. Budweiser (With Genesis)
4. AT&T
5. Budweiser
6. Eagle Talon TSi
7. Evian (I was surprised when this wasn't another Budweiser ad)
8. Jeep Cherokee
9. Promo for "Life Goes On"
10. Jeep Wrangler
11. Budweiser
12. Promo for "America's Funniest Home Videos" and "America's Funniest People"
13. "Genesis: Opening Night" Commercial Bumper
14. Promo for "Scruples"
15. KVUE Action News Update (With Patrick Stinson, who was later a reporter on E! News)
16. Capitol Chevy GEO
17. KVUE Action News Update (A psychic fair! How exciting!)
18. Luzianne Iced Tea (I'm guessing that this is a brand from the south, because I've never heard of it)
19. Promo for "Married With Children"
20. Jeep Grand Cherokee
21. Gillete Sensor
22. Oral-B
23. Jeep Grand Cherokee
24. Promo for "On The Air"
25. Jeep Grand Cherokee
26. Virgin Atlantic Airways (Genesis does what Ninendon't)
27. Jeep Grand Cherokee
28. United Negro College Fund PSA (With Marlon Wayans)
29. ABC Sports Promo
30. "Genesis: Opening Night" Commercial Bumper (Brought to you by Jeep/Eagle)
31. "Genesis: Opening Night" End Credits
32. ABC Station ID
33. Lennox (He gives me a Brian Cranston/Walter White vibe, albeit way creepier)
34. Texas Lottery

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